LabelExpo Americas 2016: ITE Showcases the Eclipse Label Finishing Range

Here at ITE Impression Technology Europe we are proud to be associated with a strong product line such as Eclipse. We personally design and manufacture this range of label cutters and are truly pioneering technology in the label finishing arena.

What can you see at the show on booth 6412


The LF3 and LF350 will be on our booth as a starter for ten. These two machines illustrate how varied the Eclipse range is and how competitors really won’t be able to compare when it comes to speed or cut precision. These products are readily available and our customers can testify just how reliable they are. You can see for yourself at LabelExpo as we will be demonstrating the prowess of the range live.

We are really keen that labelling producers know the facts and figures as in this industry speed and quality are the first, second and third priority.

The Eclipse LF3 label finisher works at a rate of 500 labels in 20 minutes or at the higher range 10,000 labels in 410 minutes alternatively the LF350 finisher works at the rate of 10,000 labels in 100 minutes. Both of these finishing rates are impressive and stand head and shoulders above competitors. Continua a leggere

What is the Eclipse DC-220 Inline Rotary Finishing System?

The Eclipse DC-220 – Fast, Furious and Accurate!

The Eclipse DC-220 has been designed from the ground up to enable in-line finishing with the vast majority of short run digital label printers in the market today.

This unit enables you to print, cut and finish your labels at lightning speed of up to 18 metres per minute.  This standalone portable label finishing unit boasts state of the art finishing features including lamination and crush cut slitting blades.

The Eclipse DC220 cutter can be combined with a Vortex 850R printer solution – this is the only inline digital desktop print/finish solution on the market to boast a touchscreen. The solution is an all-in-one perfect combination of digital printing and finishing. The Vortex 850R is a powerful Memjet based inkjet digital label printer that offers vibrant colours and has a variety of applications. The Eclipse DC220 semi rotary die cut finishing system is incredible value. When printing directly from an existing digital label printing machine, such as the Vortex 850R, the Eclipse DC220 maximises the output and this combination offers some of the fastest digital technology found today.

So whether it is with a Vortex, or your own digital label printer of any size, the Eclipse DC-220 could be the answer to all of your cutting and finishing issues!

Watch the film here! see it in action – and you can see more films of our other models here.


Print/cutting speed: Up to 18 linear metres/min
Page repeat: 12″ inch
Max print/cutting width: 218mm
Media load length: 5 metres
Flexible die: Pin and/or line positioning
Cold film lamination: Carrier or self wound, coreless waste rewind
Slitter system: Crush cut x 3, micro depth adjustment, quick removal/repositioning
Selvedge edge waste system: Vacuum extraction to bin
Waste matrix removal: Torque rewind coreless
Label counter: x1
Rewind: 38,76mm core I/D
Power: 110/220/240vac. 50/60 hz

Eclipse DC220

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we’re happy to help.

Label Finishing Equipment – New dedicated website

Label Finishing Equipment resource on-line now! We are delighted to announce the launch of our new label finishing equipment website.

Brand Eclipse has been around since 2011, and 2016 has already been a huge year for us in terms of new product development, and growth, as digital label printing grows as the new-style medium for switched on brand owners across the globe.

Our new website has all the resources you need as regards our exciting range of label finishing equipment, and you can read all about our machines and their different benefits;

The Eclipse LF3 – Great value for money, this fantastic piece of label finishing equipment is suitable for established label printers or end-users who want to take control of their label finishing.

The Eclipse LF350 – This beauty can work larger label media stock yet still offer you a compact footprint.

The Eclipse DC220 – with up to 18 linear metres per minute the DC220 can cut and finish labels at lightning speed.

The site also has a product comparison chart where you can see all of the features and benefits of each machine, but if have any other questions we are always on hand to answer them so please don’t hesitate.

The great news is that you can come and see all of these in our showroom now! Just contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Our fully purpose built showroom is a feature within our new premises and we welcome visitors.

When you invest in brand Eclipse, you are not just investing in a label finishing machine. You are also the receiver of a personal user experience when your goods arrive, whether you are an end-user in the UK, or one of our trusted and trained distributors across the globe.

All machines are delivered and installed by a trained and trusted Eclipse specialist. They will show you how you can maximise your investment in your valued machine, and get you up and running in no time.

About Eclipse and ITE – Eclipse is a brand of Impression Technology Europe (ITE) and we are a global provider of digital self-adhesive label printers and manufacturer of label finishing machines. We firmly believe that most digital label printing applications can be actioned in-house, and at a low entry cost. Family owned and run since 1995, we have over 50 distributors globally and pride ourselves on excellent service and support.

Read more on why should you choose Eclipse for your label finishing equipment requirements.

Label Finishing Equipment makes the cut at Label & Print 2016!

Our label finishing equipment went on show and wowed the global audience.

The Eclipse team had a very good time at the Label and Print show in February 2016. The show is the largest in the UK for packaging and thousands of visitors come from far corners of the globe to see the label equipment on offer.

Our interactive stand always goes down well, prospects and see the machinery working and we can print and cut labels while-u-wait!

We had a strong footfall on the stand and our live demonstrations (which included Sales Manager Nathan cutting a very nice shape around a tiger labels ears) really showed visitors what they can expect when they invest in Eclipse label finishing equipment.

label finishing equipment label print

Highlights included:

The Eclipse LF3 digital label finishing unit – this competitively priced, compact design offers world class technology and creates a stunning finish to digitally printed labels in no time whatsoever – why wait for cutting dies to be delivered.

The Eclipse DC220 semi rotary finishing unit – a floor standing semi-rotary finishing solution. This baby has been personally designed by the Eclipse team from scratch to produce in-line finishing with the vast majority of short run digital label printers available today including Xeikon and HP. It is a super fast animal and can cut and finish labels up to 18 metres per minute.

label finishing equipment steve

We also spoke at the LearnShops event. There are limited slots so we felt privileged to be involved. Nathan, our Global Label Sales guru, ran a well attended session called “Bringing label production in-house – Digital solutions for switched-on brand owners”.

Learn more about why you should choose label finishing equipment from Eclipse.

Eclipse LF350 digital label cutter – The Crispest Finish You Can Buy!

An outline of how the Eclipse LF350 digital label cutter can change the way your labels are finished and deliver the very best quality of product.

The Eclipse range of digital label cutters are revolutionary pieces of equipment which are lf350_digital_label_cutteralready taking the label printing industry by storm. Here at Eclipse we instil our company values into all of our products which is delivering consistent quality, reliability and durability.  The specification of LF350 digital label cutter is as impressive as the design, with a 5.1 meters per minute output, allowing for a 800mm wide label capability alongside a digital cutting capability of up to 350mm.

As a business that supplies quality products worldwide we will be displaying the cutting ability of the LF350 at Label Expo Americas in September. We are confident that the machine will sell itself as the demonstrations will display how much more efficient the LF350 is compared to our competitors.

The Eclipse LF350 is simple to handle as it was designed to be a compact machine with simple lf350_image_02loading and unloading in most label work environments. The easy to install compact design is followed up by software that puts the customer first as we have focussed on the control panel being as user friendly as possible.

Just in case our customers are novices to the Label market we do provide full training on the product; even before installation they are well acquainted with the easy to use systems.  The level of service we offer continues after purchase as we have a comprehensive support network in place for our customers with constant lines of communication to contact our sales and technical staff.

Why Should You Purchase Your Own Eclipse LF350 digital label cutter ?

You may be aware that during the label production, label printing is likely to be quicker than cutting and finishing .Knowing this, we were determined to create a lf350_image_03product that would reduce this time difference significantly. The LF350 will certainly do this with an increase of roughly 1.5meters per minute compared to a standard finisher; our customers understand that this can be the difference between profit, loss, success and failure.

If you are not sure on whether to upgrade to an Eclipse machine we suggest you take a look and see the difference yourself.  If you are available for the LabelExpo Americas we would be more than happy to talk you through our products and the benefits they will bring to your company. If you are unavailable for the shows then do not hesitate to contact us via our email address or phone number located below and we can arrange a demonstration or explain in more detail about the products that we offer.

T: +44 (0)1623 861 173

What Digital Label Printing Can Bring to your Company

Are you currently using a flexographic Label printing method or buying labels from a printer that uses flexo?? Are you considering digital label printing but not sure if it can meet demand or cope with your needs? Wondering if this technology is worth the investment? Here at Eclipse we can understand your concern when investing in new technology so we have created a blog to put your mind at ease.

First of all we need to address the benefits and downsides of the flexographic printing which for some time has dominated the label printing market.  The main reason behind the continuous success of this method is the impressive output figures when producing a large quantity.  The ability to produce at a high speed is down to simplicity of the machines production process; templates are made prior to production, ink is applied then rolled onto the label.

The simplicity of the function has undoubtedly been a success in an industry where company’s labels historically are produced with the same designs for long periods of time.  However in DSC_0011
recent times there has been an increasing need for businesses to change designs more often due to customer demand. Even though the process of the label production is relatively simple and quick, the setup of the machines is much more time consuming due to creating the label plates and origination, plus loading the raw materials on to the machines. Alongside the setup requirements the machines are generally quite large and they will need a large workspace.  In contrast to this digital printer set up is almost instant with just a need for the consumables and software – this combined will be a size that would fit into most workspaces.

A trend in the label industry that is becoming increasingly popular is customised and more personal label designs. The best example of this would be the Coke ‘share with a friend campaign’ which was a major success and achieved a large amount of exposure on social media.

This campaign was able to be successful because of the capabilities of digital label printing. The hardware allows much more flexibility and this allows your company to produce various lines of labels for numerous customers or ranges simultaneously. This ability to produce ranges quickly without practically any set up could drastically reduce the print time and therefore can greatly
improve your production rate and customer retention.

What kinds of companies will benefit?

We understand that previously digital label printing had fit into somewhat of a niche with itEclipse LF350s production rates generally not being high enough. Traditional flexo printers preferred to stick to longer runs as they were more profitable, and end-users would prefer to outsource their labels as it is too much hassle. However in recent times this has changed as there has been a vast increase in production rates with up to 18 linear meters print per minute for both print and cutting which allows printing companies and end-users to manage longer runs as well as shorter more variable ones. For end-user clients, the technology will allow them to produce their own labels simply and quickly whilst using a minimal amount of workspace, and for label print
companies, adding digital printing and cutting enables you to tap into a reactive market and cope easily with short run requests that are now competitive compared to before.

In essence investing in a digital label printer is investing in the future and will increase the quality, the speed and the dynamism of your company, whether end user or printer.

Contact us on 44 (0)1623 861173 to talk about digital label printing and cutting. We offer helpful advice.

Pre Labelexpo Americas Newsflash! New Game-changing Label Finishing Machine from Eclipse

Pre Labelexpo Americas Newsflash!

New Game-changing Label Finishing Machine from Eclipse

The Eclipse DC 220 ST (Shuttle Type) combines features normally found on more expensive equipment.

Images :




9th August 2016 – Mansfield, UK – The “Eclipse DC220 ST” die cut to register label finishing machine will be officially launched at Labelexpo Americas this year.

The machine, designed and manufactured by Impression Technology Europe (ITE) combines many features you would expect to find on more expensive equipment making it accessible and affordable to the market like never before. See it live on booth 6412.

Web tensioning, web guidance, a crush cut slitting system, state of the art servo control with ease of use, plus dual reversible label re-wind devices, give the Eclipse DC220 ST the leading edge on technology against its competitors. There are many features you would not expect to see on a small foot print inline die cut to register label finishing machine.

Director Roy Burton said: “Every year we are innovating in the digital finishing space and 2016 is no exception. There are many gaps in the finishing market where clients are not able to access the machinery that they actually need for their business due to budget and return on investment, and our mission since 2011 has been to design finishing machines that fit what certain market segments require, not vice-versa. I’m really pleased to welcome this new addition to complement our existing range of label cutters.”

Main Features of the Eclipse DC220 ST (Shuttle Type)

  • Media width: 220mm
  • Cutting speed: Up-to 25 linear meters per minute.
  • In line running capability: Dancer arm to control the machine running speed, on. Can accept printed media directly from any printer capable of outputting open ended print media.
  • Cut Ability: Printed, die cut to printed register. Plain, none printed media.
  • Web Tensioning: Easy manual operation.
  • Web Guidance: Automatic web guidance.
  • Web Feeding: Indexing shuttle type.
  • Finished Label rewind: Dual Reversible 76mm, 3” cores.
  • Lamination: Both “Self-wound” & “Carrier” types available to use.
  • Die Type: Flexible style with or without pin registration.
  • Small footprint: Width 1500mm Depth 660mm Height 1250mm
  • Electricity: 240vac 1 phase or 110vac 1 phase, 10amp. Must specify at time of order.
  • Main Drives: Servo Motor drives with Digital control.
  • Control Panel: Touch Screen, Full colour.
  • Design set-up memory: Able to store design set up parameters.
  • Speed control: Ability to set the speed whilst in running condition.

Distributors wanted!

ITE are actively looking for new distributors from all over the globe for the Eclipse brand. Please visit the stand or contact now for more information.


Press contacts:
Ali Wileman +44 (0)7981 300531
Alex Parsons  +44 (0)1623 861173

Who is ITE?

Impression Technology Europe supplies a wide range of digital labelling equipment.  However they have also manufactured and designed a range of Eclipse finishing products which are available via a global market.

Eclipse world class label finishing machines provide return on investment and genuine value for money. Eclipse machines cut labels, not corners and the craftsmanship and high-end technology offered by Eclipse is often copied but never bettered. Since 2011 they have grown to become a leading global brand and their ever growing range of label finishing equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK and available globally through a network of distributors. Visit the website to view the full range.

Contact information:

Impression Technology Europe (ITE) Sovereign House, Sovereign Way, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 4LQ – ENGLAND.  Telephone: +44 (0)1623 861173